IT by Stephen King Review

This is the strangest book that I have ever read but what else would I expect from my first Stephen King novel and my first read in the horror genre. I am not going to write a paragraph describing what this 1153-page story is about since it is a well-known story, in this review I will just be giving my thoughts.
IT by Stephen King is a great coming of age story about friendship, in my mind that is our main theme. This story has phenomenal characters and I loved the Losers, the main seven characters. I believe that the characters are what makes this story. I know that some have complained about derogatory terms being used throughout IT, we have to remember that this story takes place in the 1950s and later in the 1980s, the sad truth is that it was common for Americans to be racist and homophobic at these times, but I will say there is a trigger warning for those two things and abuse.

Movie poster for IT
(This is not my picture. It belongs to Warner Brothers Pictures.)

Now, after my praising of the plot and characters of IT, you are probably wondering why I gave this book a three out of five stars. (Three stars isn’t bad! It’s average.) Firstly, this story is 1153 pages when I think it would be good at 400 pages. It is too long! King gives us too many details at time, which can be good, he does great at getting a picture in the reader’s mind! There are too many lists and unnecessary details. I also did not like the formatting of this novel, how there are about ten subsections in a chapter, not a fan, just give us shorter chapters! However, I have since learned this is common in Stephen King’s works. IT is a great story and I loved it but it needed to be shortened down and possibly better formatting, but I do think the characters really do make up for this. Thank you for reading my review!

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