‘Waking Gods’ Bonus Book Review

A young girl in a small town in South Dakota rides her bike one day and discovers a large hole, where a giant metal hand is at rest. Seventeen years later, more of these artifacts are being discovered and the mystery is still unsolved. What are they? How old are they? Who made them? The young girl mentioned earlier, Rose, is now an adult and a physicist who had a military team and the backing of the American government to find out the answers.

At first, it’s a little confusing, getting used to who is who, coming into this sequel. You never realize how much these characters mean to you until stuff starts hitting the fan. We only get dialogue in this series, so it amazes me how close we get to these characters. I loved them and was worried for them.

As stated, before this is only dialogue, a file format. We do not really have an atmosphere only names of locations. However, Mr. Burns, my favorite character, gives us a lot of world building by the history and what not.

We were kind of thrown into this book and that’s the only reason why I am not giving it a full five star. I think we are something like eight years after the events of ‘Sleeping Giants’. I was very confused for the first quarter of the book. However, this was fast so fun to read but I did skim over the parts that were filled with science as that just went over my head.

The plot was amazing! Neuvel is an author who is not afraid of what he is writing and that will only tug at the heartstrings of the reader. Simply amazing with believable plot twists. The constant of having to make theories and then change them. The reader will never be left bored.

It truly amazes me how connected we get with these characters as this book is only dialogue, it’s in a file format. You never realize how much the characters mean to you until they get thrown into the action and then it’s just crazy. We don’t really have an atmosphere as this story is told through diary entries and files. However, the character of, Mr. Burns, really brings in a lot of world building by telling the history. The only reason why this isn’t a full five star is because we’re just thrown into the story. I was confused the whole first quarter of the book. I skimmed over a lot of the in-depth science talk, but I did enjoy the scenes with genetics. With this being a multimedia book, it is very fast, and you could probably read it in one day. The plot was just plain out amazing, the author is not afraid of what he is writing and that only leaves us getting out heart strings pulled. I loved this book.

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